Webmaster Services

Hostlines will provide your company with the benefit of a Webmaster without the cost of a full-time employee.  Once your website is complete you will need someone to keep it current, fix problems that may occur and continue to improve your Internet presence.  Keeping your website current is just as important as initially building your website.  Simple tools like emailing newsletters can make all the difference in whether or not a viewer returns to your website on a regular basis.

Website Maintenance and Expansion

Hostlines will make it easy for you to have your website changed and improved on a regular basis.  A constantly changing website with fresh content encourages repeat visits.  The visitors will return again and again knowing that there will be something new to see.  We will create new web pages, create new information collection forms, update company news and contact information, add new product announcements, post new job opportunities, post announcements of new corporate information and staffing changes, add images, text, links, banner placement, etc.  Small changes will be made within 24 hours, larger changes will be completed in a timely manner.

Website Modification

A vital part of a Webmaster’s responsibility is the on-going modification of your website for best visitor navigation.  Hostlines will make modification recommendations, and with your approval, make the necessary changes or enhancements.

Webmaster Contact

A Webmaster email address link will be placed throughout your website.  This will enable visitors to your website to report problems, ask questions and to make suggestions about your website.  We will fix any reported problems, answer website questions and refer questions about your company or products to the appropriate person within your company.

Website Usage Statistics Report

Hostlines will supply you with a Usage Statistics Report for your website.  The report will be emailed to you weekly or monthly depending on your needs. 

Email Accounts

We will set up new email accounts for you when needed.  Just email us the new account information and we will normally set it up the same day.

Search Engine Submittal

Hostlines will submit your website to the major Search Engines for inclusion on a monthly basis.  Pricing